Your questions answered from the IRIS & Earnie Online Payroll Conference (Part One)

By Sam Thomas | 31st March 2016 | 14 min read


All this week, we’ll be covering the IRIS & Earnie Online Payroll Conference which ran on Thursday 25th February; today we begin answering some of the key questions we were asked by you during the conference.

Yesterday’s blog provided a summary of the event, and we spoke about the interest in the IRIS Holiday Pay Module which we’ve developed in preparation for the forthcoming changes to legislation.

We’ll be covering three questions each day this week, however everybody who asked a question during the conference will be contacted directly by the relevant department here at IRIS to have their question answered.

Question One

Q: “We are very interested in your Holiday Pay Module and would like to see how the holiday pay calculation would be calculated by the payroll software; will this be covered?”

A: For interested parties, we would suggest that you book a free, no-obligation product demonstration here so that a member of staff can really showcase what the software can do for your business. Helen Hargreaves from the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals spoke about the recent tribunal rulings and what they mean for businesses, as well as why it is so important for businesses to prepare; however to showcase the software’s features and how it integrates into your existing IRIS payroll software, a product demo would be best.

Question Two

Q: “How would the Holiday Pay Module work for zero hour contracts?”

A: The software would calculate the average weekly earnings over a 12-week period to pay the holiday pay. Additionally, you can configure the software to ignore weeks where the employee didn’t receive any pay from the 12-week average earnings if you wish.

Question Three

Q: “Will new pay elements be required for the purposes of using the average holiday pay calculations’ software when holidays are imported from a time & attendance system? The T&A system would have 1) normal hours attached for a working day, and 2) enhanced values for shift workers.”

A: This depend upon your payroll set-up and if you can distinguish between the different types of overtime using the payment elements you already have set up. It also depends on what proportion of holiday you want to pay the enhance rate, if all holiday will be paid at the enhanced rate, no. If the different types of leave are recorded and paid at different rates, then yes some changes will need to take place.

If you’d like to know more about the IRIS Holiday Pay Module, book a free, no-obligation product demonstration with one of our payroll experts here at IRIS. The demo showcases how the software works day-to-day, and also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you have direct to us.

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