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Time to choose your next company secretarial software provider?

Time to choose your next company secretarial software provider?

IRIS has acquired BHIS, the provider of Company Secretarial software to many 3rd parties. Most of these 3rd parties have chosen to stop supplying the solution to their new customers, and will soon be unable to provide this solution to their existing customers. 

As the owner of BHIS, we are able to provide the same solution to you under our PTP brand, as PTP PC Share Register Plus. So, you can continue to use the software with no disruption, from the only ongoing supplier of the solution. As Companies House make changes to their e-filing service through 2014, it is important you have confidence your supplier can deliver the updates that you need.

PTP PC Share Register Plus is a combined register of company statutory records that enables you to electronically complete the administration associated with a company secretarial duties. 

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