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HMRC Terminate their CT600 Service


UK Agents Wave Goodbye to HMRC’s CT600 Free Service

When filing straightforward CT600 corporation tax returns, agents have previously had the choice of using the free service on the HMRC website.

That’s now set to change with the recent HMRC announcement that the service is to be replaced with a new, fully online company tax return & accounts filing service, called Company Accounts & Tax Online (CATO). Agents will not be able to use CATO.

HMRC have simply said: agents were never its intended constituency for the original free online service.

Agents will be unable to use the free HMRC service for clients’ CT600 corporation tax returns for accounting periods ending on or after 1st January 2016. Agents who relied on the free CT600 service from HMRC have an extra item on their ‘to do’ list: Find an alternative solution

IRIS have 3 CT600 Solutions...

The end of an era… A new opportunity for your practice

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