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IRIS iXBRL compliant solutions

Our family of solutions includes iXBRL conversion tools, iXBRL tagging software and iXBRL outsourced services to meet the needs of all practices and businesses. 

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  • IRIS Business Tax - fully tags iXBRL tax computations, with no need for user intervention. It also supports submission of iXBRL accounts from IRIS Accounts Production or any other source.
  • IRIS Accounts Production - requires little or no user intervention. Automatically tags 100% of the majority of your accounts. The remainder are tagged to 80-90%
  • IRIS OpeniXBRL - an online iXBRL solution that automatically tags 70-90% of items in Microsoft Word or Excel documents.
  • IRIS OpenResourcing - an outsourced service providing experienced iXBRL tagging by UK-trained experts.

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