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Banish time consuming payroll activity

Focus on your business

Running payroll can be difficult and time consuming – let us do it for you. At IRIS we offer a bespoke payroll outsourcing service which helps you stay compliant with the latest legislation.

With options for any size business, IRIS provides a comfort blanket for people like you by taking away the pain of payroll, leaving you free to run your business. We have taken away auto enrolment stress, stopped the need for expensive software updates and time consuming legislation training. No one has to worry about taxable benefits, student loan deductions or holiday pay with IRIS and we never take a day off.

Whether you’re a small business, medium or large organisation there’s an outsourcing option for you.

Not a payroll expert? Don’t worry, we are

Save up to five days a month by outsourcing payroll – reinvest that time in your business

Outsourcing your payroll means no more expensive software updates

How does Managed Payroll work?

You send us your payroll data and we will:

  • Process the payment data
  • Provide you with client sign off reports
  • Submit employee payments
  • Provide the HMRC with employee’s year to date information (RTI)
  • Print payslips or publish them to the online portal
  • Provide Comprehensive Reporting

Why Choose IRIS?

With 40 years’ experience providing specialist HMRC recognised software and services for a range of businesses, when you choose to join the IRIS family you can be sure you made the right choice. 

At IRIS we design all of our own software in-house and use it to run our payroll. This means that we find -out about new legislation first, ensuring IRIS clients are one step ahead.  

Over 1,000 businesses from various sectors and of different sizes, trust us to manage their payroll and our CIPP qualified team would love for you to join the IRIS family. 

The IRIS Managed Payroll service has an industry leading average payroll accuracy of 99.9% and we ensure our clients remain compliant by:

  • Investing in regular training on the latest payroll legislation
  • Running an in house payroll accreditation scheme
  • Provide and manage an auto enrolment solution
  • Supply digital or printed payslips
  • Using RTI recognised software
  • We have a close working relationship with the HMRC and The Pensions Regulator

What our customers are saying

“I wouldn’t be surprised if IRIS Managed Payroll saves me a full days’ worth of work each month”.

Tim Baker, Aldens

"Since using IRIS Managed Payroll service everything has become immensely easy. All of the work has been done for me, including the transfer of data. It has all been completely hassle free and I would recommend IRIS Managed Payroll to anyone".

Darren Mullen, WANDISCO

“The level of service we’ve received from IRIS has been fantastic. I think a benefit of us building our relationship since 2007 has meant that the IRIS team have developed a real understanding of ACT and how we operate. This is a great help when it comes to dealing with our specific requirements”.

Vicki French, Act Conferencing

Initially we were looking to purchase payroll software so we could continue running our payroll in-house. We came to IRIS as a number of people in the business had experience with IRIS payroll software. However, we eventually decided that it would be more practical to utilise the IRIS Managed Payroll Service. The solution fit out budget perfectly”.

Annette Canbas, A.M. Nomikos & Son


Auto Enrolment & RTI compliant

BACS accredited

We'll handle your employee queries

Bespoke service to suit you

We never take a sick day

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