Payroll Outsourcing

Has running your payroll become too difficult and time consuming?

Look no further than the IRIS AE Managed Payroll Service.  Here at IRIS, we offer a comprehensive outsourcing service that's compliant with the latest legislation, such as RTI and automatic enrolment. We offer both fully managed and tailored services which look after all aspects of your payroll leaving you free to concentrate on your business.

Utilising our extensive payroll knowledge and our in-house software, you will be among 100s of businesses that are already outsourcing their payroll to IRIS.

Why outsource your payroll: 

  • Save time and money
  • Higher efficiency
  • Prevent fines and penalties
  • Latest technology

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Make staying compliant easy


The introduction of both RTI and automatic enrolment have brought about the biggest changes to payroll for decades. 

This has left a mammoth task for many businesses to deal with. This is especially true for micro and small businesses that are unlikely to have expert payroll knowledge and capabilities which has created a greater appetite for outsourced payroll solutions. 

Which is why our UK-based team can help ease the burden of automatic enrolment with support available within the service. 

What's included?

  • Assessment & categorisation of your employees
  • Eligible employees are automatically enrolled
  • Pension output files for all the main providers
  • Management of compulsory communications to employees
  • Email pension letters to the individual employee's portal
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First Class Service


IRIS have specialised in payroll for over 30 years and this experience means we fully understand all aspects of payroll. 

Allowing us to offer a first class service paying your employees accurately and on time whilst ensuring compliance with the latest legislation.                                     

IRIS offers both a fully managed service and a tailored solution that matches your business needs.  

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Say goodbye to software updates

Outsourcing your payroll has numerous benefits. As well as giving you more time to focus on your business, you can say goodbye to software updates and complex pay calculations.

Our team can handle all payroll responsibilities plus we keep up with payroll legislation so you don't have to. 

Other benefits:  

  • Access to rich reports to support business decisions
  • We'll handle and resolve all your employee queries
  • No need for payroll software training 
  • You can rely on us, we'll never take a sick day 




Going the extra mile


The IRIS AE Managed Payroll Service allows you to create a bespoke service that suits your business needs. Whether you need to run a monthly payroll or a weekly one, we can handle it.

If your biggest challenge is payslip printing and delivery, let us take care of that for you too!  How about BACS payments to your employees? No problem. 

Other great services IRIS can provide include: 

  • Creation of bespoke pension files
  • Additional bespoke reports
  • Uploading pension output files 
  • ... and much more

Finalist in 2013 Payroll World Awards in the "Bureau/Service Provider" category

Free outsourcing guide

If you're feeling overwhelmed with automatic enrolment and struggling with keeping up with all your RTI submissions, outsourcing your payroll may be the change you need.

The latest 7 page guide from IRIS covers:

  • What is outsourcing?
  • The most recent legislative changes
  • 5 reasons to outsource your payroll
  • 15 questions you should ask when choosing your provider
  • What your outsourcing options are

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Don't just take our word for it


IRIS helped A.M. Nomikos and Son get their payroll shipshape. 

"The transition was easy. Now all I need to do is add an extra column into my monthly spreadsheet and that’s it! I have already recommended IRIS to a number of friends and colleagues and will definitely continue to do so!”

Annette Canbas, A.M. Nomikos & Son

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Improve efficiency

Outsourcing your payroll gives you access to a huge variety of reports, specialised to suite your business needs. These can help in other areas of the business, streamlining your internal processes.        

complete solution
A wider range of expertise

Rather than having one or two memebers of staff running your payroll, using a managed service gives you access to a wider range of expertise, knowledge and experience from professionals who've spent years dedicated to payroll. 

cut costs
Save money

According to, the average salary of a payroll manager is £32,500*. When you add this to the cost of printing payslips, sealing machine expenses, implementing payroll software and the training cost involved with remaining up to date with legislation, outsourcing your payroll could save you a lot of money. 

*Figures correct at time of publish
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