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Earnie IQ has been developed to meet the needs of busy IT and payroll departments. It’s ideal for businesses that are standardising on SQL or looking for a robust payroll system to handle larger payrolls or complex requirements .

Here how Greenhalgh's Bakery benefit from Earnie IQ:

Greenhalgh's Bakery  has over 900 employees in 62 shops across the North West.  They  moved to using Earnie IQ in 2012.

Earnie IQ enables staff at Greenhalgh’s to get accurate employee costs for each shop, through links to its bespoke account system. This integration was easily established using Earnie IQ’s simple utilities and interfaces.  They also populate Earnie IQ with data directly from their Time & Attendance software, saving up to a full day in time and vastly reducing paperwork

"Earnie IQ is intuitive and easy-to-use.  It was a very easy decision when it came to choosing the software".

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