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During your consultation, our payroll expert will:

  • Review your current payroll setup.
  • Identify key solutions to any payroll issues you’re experiencing.
  • Introduce you to the range of IRIS software and outsourcing solutions, making recommendations as to which could best help you.
  • Help create a bespoke solution for your business so all of your requirements are met.

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A bit about us.

At IRIS, we aim to liberate the time, talent and energy of UK businesses by ensuring that we provide them with innovative and effective solutions to their business' problems.

We work with an extremely wide range of businesses, from small organisations to large corporates, and offer them a comprehensive range of HR, payroll and bookkeeping solutions.

Each year, 2.3 million employees get paid using an IRIS payroll solution and we're so confident in our software, we use it to pay ourselves. Since 2013, we've helped over 1.2 million employees get annually assessed for Automatic Enrolment.