Important information regarding SQL 2000 support for Earnie IQ


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If you currently use SQL Server 2000 for Earnie IQ it is important that you upgrade to a later version of SQL Server as soon as possible. IRIS will discontinue all support of SQL 2000 from Summer 2014.

Main stream support from Microsoft for SQL Server 2000 ended on 8th April 2008 and SQL Server 2000 cannot be installed on Vista, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008. There are several newer versions of SQL Server available (2008, 2008 R2 and 2012) and all have significant improvements both in terms of features and performance. Earnie IQ can be used on all of these later versions.

How we can help

An expert consultant can come to your site to transfer Earnie IQ to your new SQL Server. The consultant will make sure everything goes smoothly so you can be up and running on your new server with minimum disruption. We do not recommend attempting the work yourself as Earnie IQ is specialist software and things can go wrong. Your support contract does not cover you if you need assistance with a server transfer and this would be chargeable.

What to do now

Please fill in the form on this page or contact your Account Manager on 0344 815 5677 to arrange a suitable date for the transfer. The cost is £1000 + Expenses + VAT per day and the time taken is typically one day but if you have large numbers of employees or companies it could take longer.

Minimum System Requirements

To ensure Earnie IQ is working at the optimal level it is very important that your system meets the minimum requirements. Click here to see the minimum system requirements.

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