IRIS RTI Payroll Year End solutions


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It's year end, but not as we know it!

Everything has changed within payroll over the last 12 months and with the first RTI payroll year end approaching it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Don't worry though, IRIS is here to help with our new RTI Payroll Year End solutions.


IRIS RTI Payroll Year End Seminars

The IRIS RTI Payroll Year End Seminars will walk you through the various stages of how to handle your first RTI year end within your IRIS Payroll software.

  • Two and a half hour web based training seminar with an IRIS Payroll consultant
  • See practical examples to help you through year end, ensuring you are legally compliant and avoid any financial penalties
  • Cost: £170


IRIS RTI Payroll Year End Pack

The IRIS RTI Payroll Year End Pack contains everything you need to complete your first RTI year end.

  • Training DVD taking you step by step through the new process
  • Information about legislative changes taking place in the next 12 months
  • A choice of 100 P60s, 250 payslips or a 60 day free trial of IRIS OpenPayslips
  • Cost: £99

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