IRIS AE Suite Configuration Questionnaire

0344 815 5700

Step 2: You will now need to complete the IRIS AE Suite™ Configuration Questionnaire on the right.

This information is essential to configure your automatic enrolment software by your consultant. Without it your consultancy cannot take place.

Customer Reference Number: You will need to enter your customer reference number to complete the questionnaire. Your reference number will be in the email your Sales Advisor has sent you. If you are unsure your reference number, please call 0344 815 5700. 

You will need to complete the Configuration Questionnaire no later than 7 days prior to your configuration date.

If you have any questions regarding these questions, please contact your pension provider and refer to the Configuration Questionnaire Help Guide (see link below).

Configuration Questionnaire Help Guide

*If you are not using NEST Pensions, please enter N/A within the relevant NEST boxes on the right

**If you are not using NOW: Pensions, please enter N/A within the relevant NOW: Pensions box on the right

Complete the Configuration Questionnaire below: