7 ways to streamline your auto enrolment process

Free On-Demand Webinar on Auto Enrolment

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Are you struggling to prepare and organise your business for auto enroment? 

Or are your current auto enrolment processes causing you more headaches than you thought?

Watch the on-demand webinar with IRIS Payroll CEO Mark Paraskeva to find out how IRIS can help to streamline your auto enrolment process. 

Webinar: 7 ways to streamline your auto enrolment process

You will learn:

  • The true cost of auto enrolment
  • How to save 3.5 days a month
  • How to stay secure
  • The IRIS approach to auto enrolment

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NB: This webinar was recorded in February 2015. All information was correct at time of live broadcast. 

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