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Thank you for purchasing your Payroll Year End Pack. As part of your Payroll Year End Pack, you have access to all of our On-Demand Webinars.

Some of the topics that you can benefit from are:

  • Guest Webinars
    • "How To Manage Human Resource Compliance Effectively in 2018 (SSP)"
    • "Understanding & Managing Mental Health In The Workplace - An Employment Law Perspective"
  • GDPR Training
    • "An Intro to the General Data Protection Regulation"
  • Improving Bureau Efficiency Webinars
    • "Four Ways to expand client services and improve efficiency"
  • An intro to Modern HR Series
    • "Part 1: Redundancy"
    • "Part 2: Unfair Dismissal "
    • "Part 3: Discrimination"
    • "Part 4: Sick Pay"
    • "Part 5: Employment Contracts "
  • Payroll Legislation
    • "Gender Pay Reporting"
    • "Apprenticeship Levy"
    • "Holiday Pay"

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