David Jenkins

He applies a similar philosophy to how he serves his clients, ensuring they get the quality, personalised service that they need within an agreed, fixed budget. Since setting up his practice in 1985, this approach has enabled Jenkins to retain more than 260 business customers served by a team of 12, which includes four chartered and certified accountants.

Automating core business processes

From the very beginning, Jenkins recognised that investing in technology to drive efficiencies throughout the practice could help his staff be more productive and profitable. As such, his was one of the first accountancy firms to turn to IRIS to help automate many of the processes across the practice. “I’d discovered IRIS at another firm, shortly before I started my own practice. Although we take IRIS for granted today, at the time it was a revolutionary application that eliminated a huge amount of duplicated effort. Over time, as we added more and more modules that drove efficiency throughout the business, IRIS became both the backbone and lifeblood of the practice.”