G.D. McFall Building and Roofing Contractor Ltd

G.D. McFall Building and Roofing Contractor Ltd is a successful family business based in Kirkintilloch, Glasgow.

The firm, which provides professional and high quality roofing services, operates across the central belt of Scotland with a wide range of domestic and commercial clients.

Its portfolio includes extensions, new builds, conversions and driveways. It prides itself on its reliability and helping its clients in any way they need, with no job too big or too small.

The company has a permanent staff of five. Book-keeper Jean Millar uses IRIS PAYE-Master, which she finds an ideal system for a company of G.D. McFall’s size.

She explained: “I first came here 13 years ago and I was thrown in at the deep end. Everything was done manually. I devised my own system and it worked for me. But you have to move with the times and I knew we needed to move more in line with everything going computerised.

“I had been on a course for another software provider but I felt that that there must have been a cheaper and more simplistic system out there. And then I discovered IRIS and what it had to offer.

“I am really happy with IRIS PAYE-Master. It is so simple. At first I was terrified. I had no computer knowledge at all and didn’t know if I’d be able to do it. But everything is so self explanatory and it is very beneficial. If I can use it anybody can use it. The test came when I broke my shoulder some time ago. I had to talk my boss in the office through the process from home. We got there and he managed to do it. It was like doing it blind folded but we succeeded!

“The support you get from the helpline is great too. I’ve maybe done something different or clicked on the wrong thing and phone to verify something and they are there for you straight away. I cannot fault any IRIS staff at all. Their service is 100 per cent. They know their stuff and know their jobs inside out, which is what you need.

“I have been so impressed I have already recommended IRIS to someone in a neighbouring business. He wanted something that was idiot-proof, reasonable value for money and where everything could be done at the touch of a button. I thought IRIS PAYE-Master was the perfect solution. I would recommend it to anyone.”