This case study takes a look at how payroll outsourcing through the IRIS Fully Managed Payroll service helped Poupart ensure a correct and compliant payroll.

With offices in the UK, Europe, Africa, Australia, USA, and Chile, Poupart operates in the produce and new fruit development sector, supplying a broad spectrum of fresh fruit to High Street and wholesale market customers throughout the world. Incorporated in 1895, Poupart is dedicated to supplying the worlds best fruit with 830 employees operating across all the above regions.

Following changes in the business and the introduction of increasingly complex payroll legislation, Robin Dawson, Finance Director, wanted to outsource Poupart’s payroll to free up resources and ensure compliance almost twenty years ago.

Since outsourcing their payroll to IRIS, one of the primary results Poupart has benefited from is the peace of mind that their payroll will always be correct.

“I no longer have any concerns regarding payroll, employees are paid correctly, and nothing has ever been delayed.” – Robin Dawson, Finance Director, Poupart