Smith Cooper

Birmingham, its most recently opened office, extended Smith Cooper’s reach beyond Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire into the West Midlands. As Smith Cooper celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary, the firm decided on a complete rebrand and an opportunity arose to review and standardise the IT systems underlying the business. Director of IT Paul Howard explains, “Although Smith Cooper was a longtime user of IRIS Accountancy Suite, it wasn’t standardised across all of our offices. As part of our rebrand, we decided to take a fresh, objective look at which accountancy system would move the firm forward and ensure that we offer the best possible service to our clients.” Explaining the review process undertaken, Paul says, “Although the majority of our offices were already using IRIS Accountancy Suite, we decided to take this out of the equation, so it certainly wasn’t a foregone conclusion that we would move everyone over to IRIS. However, when we did a close comparison, we saw the great time-savings that arise from having a single, centralised database across the suite of modules.”