T. Baden Hardstaff


Marilyn Toone, Payroll Administrator for T. Baden Hardstaff Haulage has worked in payroll since 1975 and has used a range of different payroll software during her time with the company. Marilyn comments that “…the Earnie payroll software is so user-friendly and flexible, I have never had an easier payroll software to use.” Marilyn has used a range of different payroll software throughout her career as a payroll professional but when she adopted IRIS software, she became a long-term user, spanning back to the times of Bonus 6, Earnie 16, Earnie 32 and now most recently, Earnie Executive. 

Marilyn is the only member of the payroll team therefore fully understands the importance of having a piece of payroll software that is as efficient as possible, enabling her time to be used more effectively. Marilyn has to manage three separate payrolls which means that there is a large emphasis on streamlining and innovating processes. Within these separate payroll processes is the added element of variable pay rates which in a manual system would be extremely hard to manage, especially in conjunction with costs that come with the nature of the job, for example tolls and mileage allowances.

Support Aspect

The main thing that Marilyn commented on was the huge level of support that is available for T. Baden Hardstaff should it be needed. Marilyn went on to say that “We have a number to ring always at hand and we also have an account manager if we need that level of support. It is great to have an actual person to talk to if the problem is particularly urgent or unsolvable from a simple internet search.” Being the lone ranger that she is in the payroll department, this is an extremely important offering as it means that rather than literally go it alone, there were various different options available to Marilyn if she were to have problems with the payroll process or any other aspects of the software.

In terms of the initial setup of the Earnie Executive software itself, Marilyn opted to have one of IRIS’ payroll consultants; Craig Holmes; go out and visit T. Baden Hardstaff in Nottingham to help set up and configure the auto enrolment correctly. Marilyn stated that “rather than get it wrong, we wanted it set up correctly and right from the beginning.”


The KnowledgeBase found under “Product Support” on the IRIS website is a constantly changing and evolving archive of information available for people to search through in order to find answers to any questions or problems that they may have. Marilyn said that “The support team is always there when I need them but what I have found really useful recently is the IRIS KnowledgeBase.  Very often I can find the answer to my query instantly on the KnowledgeBase which is great. The database is usually our first port of call and if we can’t find what we are looking for then we will give our account manager a ring”. The base of information holds over 2,100 articles and is constantly being updated by our software experts in order to ensure the relevance of the information is always to a high level.

Auto enrolment and RTI

As you may already know, the government introduced auto enrolment in 2012 to ensure that the UK’s employees were better prepared for retirement. This however came as a shock to businesses nationwide as it meant a tricky process to deal with. Marilyn felt this initial fear; as did other companies; however with using Earnie Executive to assess her employees, her view completely changed. Earnie Executive assesses and categorises employees with reporting that lets you know when the status of any employees has changed – this helps to keep Marilyn on top of her employee eligibility from month to month.

In terms of RTI, Marilyn went on to say that “what we thought would be really difficult is now just really easy and RTI is just another element of our payroll run… no problems at all with RTI, everything ran really smoothly – a lot easier than normal”. This worked out perfectly for Marilyn because it worked in conjunction with her payroll process, meaning a streamlined system that saved her a lot of time – time that was better spent in other areas.

Advice to other companies

Marilyn explained that other businesses should “definitely use the Earnie payroll software. It’s massively time consuming if you do it (auto enrolment and RTI) manually. The Earnie Executive payroll software does it all for you, it’s the obvious choice.” This goes with our estimates that on average, businesses could save up to 3.5 days per month by automating the process of auto enrolment.


Finally, another aspect that was utilised by Marilyn was the reporting. Marilyn explains “Quick Report Writer is very useful.  Different managers need different reports for different reasons.  I can produce reports with the exact information they need. A standard report that is really useful is the multi-period absence report.  The HR department need to track sickness and absence and this gives them the information they need.  It takes information directly from the absence diary.  The absence diary is really good as it clearly shows which employees have been off and when, and the information goes directly through into the payroll.”