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Work from any location

As an accountant in today’s world, you rarely spend all your time in the office. Whether it’s working from home, out at a client’s site or responding to client queries whilst on holiday, you need to be able to access your critical software systems wherever you are. With our cloud based solutions you can access your critical applications from wherever you are and its available 24x7.

All you need is an internet connected device such as a PC, Mac or tablet with an internet browser.

Rigorous security

When your IT systems are based in the office, sensitive practice and client data is only as secure as your office security. With cloud based applications, you get the advantage of security levels equivalent to those of online banking, wherever you are working.

IRIS cloud products protect your data from threats such as spyware, viruses and hacking. For example with IRIS OpenTax your practice data is uniquely encrypted in its own database and you can enhance the protection by using 2-factor authentication; access requires a password and a unique code that is sent to the user’s mobile phone via SMS or email. Visit the Trust Centre for more information.

Dramatically improve your business continuity

If events such as adverse weather, a power cut or criminal activity put your office out of bounds, our cloud solutions ensure you and your staff can be equally productive at home, in a serviced office or even in the local coffee shop.

Just as important, cloud removes your dependency on critical system hardware, which inevitably fail as you're racing to meet a deadline. Your data is in the cloud, accessible over any internet-enabled device.

Cloud software is always up to date

UK tax legislation is constantly changing and you must keep your practice compliant. But updating software is a chore and diverts you from your core work.

With our cloud applications, there’s no software to install today or update tomorrow. IRIS cloud solutions are always up-to-date. Think of the time and effort you'll save.

Automatic backups


Major data loss would bring your practice to a halt, setting back client work and putting your reputation at risk. Your data is backed up at no extra charge, eliminating the problems of hardware failures, unsuccessful backups and software downtime. In freeing time from installing software and fire-fighting IT issues, you can focus on developing closer relationships with your clients and growing your practice.

Complies with UK data protection act

Increased profitability

Data protection laws are getting tougher all the time. With IRIS cloud solutions, your client and practice data is stored on servers based in the EU. You can rest assured that you're complying with the Data Protection Act and taking all due care of sensitive information. Rather than spending time – and therefore money – on managing accountancy and security software, resources are released for fee-earning work.

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