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Accountant Go

Accountant Go is a practice-branded mobile app designed for accountants to engage and communicate with their clients and provide them with a single portal to access information and digital tools.
The app enables accountants to provide a wide range of services and relevant client information, including data from IRIS practice suite, to their client’s mobile device, whilst being able to fully customise the app appearance using a self-service web portal.


Accountant Go is a single portal for practices and clients to communicate, collaborate and connect with a range of tools using a mobile app.

Accountant Go enables greater collaboration between accountants and their clients by allowing them to easily share and receive information. Accountants can share documents, digital forms and provide a number of calculators for clients to use. Accountant Go features app messaging that allows accountants to send push notifications to clients reminding them of key events, such as an upcoming tax deadline. The app messaging can form the cornerstone of marketing campaigns promoting additional services to clients. Accountant Go connects to a range of apps such as IRIS Snap for Receipt Capture, IRIS OpenSpace for document sharing and approval, KashFlow Go for mobile invoicing and payments, and IRIS Insight for forecasting and management reporting. Configure what apps, websites and documents your clients can see using the Accountant Go Portal.
Benefits of Accountant Go
Accountant Go app provides accountants in practice with easy and flexible access to their clients via their communication device – their mobile phone. By providing timely and on-demand information to their clients, Accountants can reduce the amount of time spent by staff responding to repetitive, basic information requests, whilst at the same time improving client service.
“Awesome, I’ve been signing up £10,000 worth of new work per week over the last 2 months and our website is central to our marketing activities.” “I really appreciate the way you guys will always go the extra mile. You add value - right, left and centre. It is unbeatable value for money for any accountancy firm looking to set up a new website.”
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