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Create a more efficient and profitable practice - retain clients and build a loyal following all with IRIS CRM powered by FibreCRM.

Relationship management is the foundation of a successful practice helping secure fees, generate profits and help build a firm’s reputation. When it comes to marketing and cross-selling services, experience tells us that many accountants use a mix of email marketing, Excel spreadsheets and Outlook to build their communications plan.

IRIS CRM is a complete, 360 degree sales and marketing solution that drives practice growth, supports marketing activities and streamlines client care processes.

IRIS CRM shares data from IRIS Practice Management so all client, prospect and referrer information is kept together in one place for all partners and staff to keep track of relationships, marketing activity and prospective business.

One combined view

To realise the full potential of the existing data in IRIS Accountancy Suite information including clients, jobs and tasks synchronise with IRIS CRM. This single combined view can be used to increase practice revenue, identify up sell/cross sell opportunities and execute targeted marketing activities.

Key benefits

  • Identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities and find more profitable customers
  • Automate digital communication (email and SMS) with powerful workflows based on the data from IRIS Accountancy Suite
  • Partners can easily see which clients were last contacted, when they are next to be contacted and what services should be discussed
  • Your network of referrers are nurtured so that more referrals come your way
  • Links dynamically with many leading solutions such as Microsoft Office Outlook and Mailchimp
  • Marketing lists are never out of date, duplication is eliminated and data is clean
  • Dynamic reports transform into actionable opportunities - discover your customers’ habits and needs
  • Access from any web-enabled device: in the office, while travelling, on clients’ premises...


“Amazing! Being able to use my iPhone to look up client information during a visit clearly impressed my client.


IRIS CRM connects to your existing systems, such as:

  • IRIS Practice Management
  • Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Website Forms
  • Mailchimp
Works out of the box

The investment cost and time to be up and running is significantly reduced compared to a custom development or ongoing labour-intensive manual extraction of data.


Dynamic reporting

IRIS CRM delivers transparent reporting and takes it a step further - transforming reports into actionable opportunities helping to drive decisions and actions.



Information on the move

Access IRIS CRM via a smart phone, tablet or laptop; all you need is an internet connection. You can easily see all recent interactions that have taken place with the client before your visit, find a phone number or see directions to their office.

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