IRIS has solutions tailored to the education sector, supporting the complexities associated with their various pay structures.

Payroll in the education sector is complex. Differences in pay requirements between teaching and non-teaching staff, not to mention varying pay spines and the need to manage multiple contracts per employee mean you need a specialist payroll service that can keep up. At IRIS, our solutions are designed to reduce the administrative burden for payroll in the education sector, handling complicated pay demands with ease, saving you time and resources.

Key Features

Detailed reporting requirements

To optimise processes and save costs within the education sector, detailed reports are required to make informed strategic decisions.

Data security

As schools and multi-academy trusts manage a lot of sensitive data, security measures need to be in place to protect against cyberattacks.

Pay structure complexity

Added payroll complexities arise as school staff pay structures are graded and increased continuously to be in line with national standards.

Industry-specific pension needs

Branded pension schemes and multiple pensions per employee require a significant amount of time and resources to calculate.

Payroll tailored to the education sector

Whether you are an individual school, college, multi-academy trust or a bureau providing payroll services to educational institutions, we have the payroll solution for you.

IRIS Payroll Professional with Pay Spines and Teacher’s Pension will make life easier for you

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