Why 'dark' fallout and job loss warning on Artificial Intelligence is wrong

It made my heart sink when I read the Bank of England’s chief economist, Andy Haldane, almost scaremongering readers with his Artificial Intelligence predictions (The Times, 21st August).

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Steve Cox, Chief Evangelist
29 August 2018

3 in 4 IRIS Accountancy Suite users missing out on brilliant time saving feature

We’ve recently learned that about three quarters of our IAS customers are failing to take advantage of a brilliant time-saving feature available in the core IRIS software.

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Don’t let your payroll embarrass you

Many businesses aspire towards becoming a widely recognisable brand; but recognition can also lead to greater embarrassment should your practice fall short.

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Andrew Woodhouse
23 August 2018

IRIS teams up with professional body ACCA

In February this year, IRIS, along with representatives from the industry and competition met with HMRC to identify how it can work to ensure businesses maximise the opportunities as we digitise the economy.

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We don’t need to fight to survive as we prepare for tomorrow's challenges

Every day, industry publications, blogs, suppliers and practices are talking of change. Topics range from legislation and plugging the skills gap, to technology, automation and firm growth, and it’s not just the UK undergoing transformation: The World Economic Forum (WEF) recently published its paper The Global Financial and Monetary System in 2030 and the results succinctly capture the future challenges across the world.

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Sion Lewis
20 August 2018

Plans revealed to cut burden of checking expenses

Anything HMRC can do to help ease the administrative workload of a business will generally be viewed as a positive measure. So, the Finance Bill 2018-19 proposals to remove some of the burdens associated with expenses payments checking, published on 6 July, will no doubt be welcomed by many employers.

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Jenny Strudwick
13 August 2018

Do you know if you’ve got a lawful basis for the client data you’re using?

Can you guarantee you have a lawful basis for holding and processing your clients’ information?

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Pauline Smith
7 August 2018

Tribunal Fees Abolished: Examining the Impact One Year On

It’s been a little over a year since the changes to employment tribunals came into effect, which immediately saw a vast increase in the number of employers being taken to court for various discrepancies. As a result, it’s become overwhelmingly important for all businesses to accurately record all information and events regarding their staff. IRIS seeks to ensure that all UK business can maintain confidence and compliancy in an ever-changing environment.

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Emily Hine
2 August 2018

What’s keeping accountants awake?

There is a continual number of business issues keeping industry professionals awake at night; from changes in legislation, to succession planning and considering the best way to restructure a practice to evolve beyond compliance services.

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Sion Lewis
1 August 2018

Motivating employees in the care industry

Since 2012, staff turnover rates within the care industry have increased by 4.7% – with 350,000 care workers reported to have left their roles in the 2016-17 payroll year. Low wages, limited funding and varying work hours all contribute to the problem – which acts as a drain on funding, time and morale.

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Andrew Woodhouse
31 July 2018
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