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Think Brexit’s big for business? AI’s impact more profound, says KPMG expert

Shamus Rae, KMPG Partner, Head of Digital Disruption, is one of our expert guest speakers at our AI in Accountancy event on 2 April.

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James Nadal
28 March 2019

A large wave of AI disruption is about to hit accounting. Are you ready?

Gillian Fischer, Global Manager of Customer Advocacy at MindBridge Ai, is one of our guest expert speakers at our AI for Accountants event on 2 April.

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Why 'dark' fallout and job loss warning on Artificial Intelligence is wrong

It made my heart sink when I read the Bank of England’s chief economist, Andy Haldane, almost scaremongering readers with his Artificial Intelligence predictions (The Times, 21st August).

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Steve Cox, Chief Evangelist
29 August 2018
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