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Are you a slowly boiling frog?

A frog, when placed in boiling water, will jump right out to save its life. If, however, you put the amphibian in cold water and heat it up, it will stay in the water and not jump out.

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Dave Watson
12 June 2019

The 12 digital days of Christmas - Day 5

Our not-as-delicious but eminently more useful alternative to the chocolate advent calendar!

Day 5 - IRIS Hosting

Before Santa has his big day, another seasonal character takes centre stage, and he’s going to be our focus on day 5 of the 12 digital days of Christmas.


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James Nadal
10 December 2018

IT Security in the modern workplace

A recent report suggests more than 17 million British consumers were hit by cybercrime in the past year incurring a cost of £4.6bn. As more business is transacted online IT security has become a boardroom issue. Without robust policies practice could find themselves (and their clients) exposed.

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