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IRIS teams up with professional body ACCA

In February this year, IRIS, along with representatives from the industry and competition met with HMRC to identify how it can work to ensure businesses maximise the opportunities as we digitise the economy.

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A client calls, demanding their data. Are you ready?

A client demands their data. You need to respond. Are you ready? This is the position accountants must expect to face in the new GDPR world.

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We’ve enabled you to bulk delete – and here’s our new guide on how

It was a subject that was worrying customers and one they kept raising with us in the build up to GDPR day.

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Pauline Smith
25 June 2018

Easy for clients, easy for you - IRIS OpenSpace with eSignatures

We surveyed you, our customers, last year asking for your opinions about IRIS OpenSpace. We asked what features you would like to see and eSignatures won the vote by a landslide

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Michael Turner
10 May 2018

Introducing Accountant Go

Amid the complexity of digital transformation in the industry, IRIS Accountancy Solutions is today urging accountants to place more emphasis on client experience to remain relevant and competitive in the digital economy.

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Manj Devgon
1 May 2018

Still using an A - Z?

Still using an A - Z to navigate your way around? When you leave home do you follow the same routine - keys, wallet and street map.

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Manjinder Devgon
10 April 2018

Surviving the retail apocalypse

Over the last few weeks we have seen many stories of the turbulence retail market. Many high street favourites have fallen on tough times and are making drastic changes. 

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Manjinder Devgon
15 March 2018

Generate more revenue the easy way


It’s often said the easiest way to increase your revenues is to sell more services to your existing clients. Most businesses identify cross-selling as an area for business development, however few seem to achieve its.  
Would you like fries with that?

It’s often said the easiest way to increase your revenues is to sell more to existing clients. Most understand this, however few seem to achieve it.  

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Vladimir Briskin
8 March 2018

Managing your client list with HMRC

Did you know that the place you manage your client list with HMRC is about to change?

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Jenny Strudwick
26 February 2018

IT Security in the modern workplace

A recent report suggests more than 17 million British consumers were hit by cybercrime in the past year incurring a cost of £4.6bn. As more business is transacted online IT security has become a boardroom issue. Without robust policies practice could find themselves (and their clients) exposed.

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