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Taking the complexity out of compliance

Meeting a raft of regulations is nothing new for the finance department, but the bureaucracy of compliance is still considered one of the biggest issues it faces. But, for many finance teams and the wider business, rather than striking fear into their department, compliance is seen as something that simply gets in the way.

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Alex McCormack
28 August 2015

Is it time for the finance department to axe Excel?

Is it time for the finance department to axe Excel? For all the progress that’s been made in technology innovation to improve efficiencies and reduce anomalies, the humble Excel spreadsheet still seems to be the centrepiece of many finance departments management...

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Alex McCormack
12 August 2015

Over a quarter of UK finance departments are unsure if they are GAAP compliant

Our recent study of 500 finance departments highlighted a disturbing lack of preparation across UK organisations for the new International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) 101 and 102 standards, with less than a third of companies currently compliant. Even...

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Alex McCormack
31 July 2015
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