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New client browser cures headache of time consuming searches

Have you ever felt it was taking too long to find and select clients?

Ever get irritated that you couldn’t see certain key client details on the search screen when using IRIS Accountancy Suite?

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Vlad Briskin
26 September 2018

Introducing Accountant Go

Amid the complexity of digital transformation in the industry, IRIS Accountancy Solutions is today urging accountants to place more emphasis on client experience to remain relevant and competitive in the digital economy.

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Manj Devgon
1 May 2018

Make IRIS OpenSpace your own space

Make IRIS OpenSpace your own space. Launch of new functionality:

Really happy to say that our latest IRIS OpenSpace features are live and looking great! With lots of work going on the background (thanks development team) the new functionality is available to every customer - and all UK accountants from today.  We've introduced new customisation features for IRIS OpenSpace, our flagship cloud...

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John Knowles
27 June 2014

8 ways IRIS can help you better collaborate and connect with clients

The days of your clients packing up all of their receipts and financial documents once a year and making a trip to see you are behind us. People are used to getting instant access to information direct to their fingertips, so it’s time for practices to offer similar connectivity with their clients. Fear not though, as we are going to explain 8 ways which IRIS can help you better connect and collaborate with your clients.

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Paul Onions
6 September 2013
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