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Are you a slowly boiling frog?

A frog, when placed in boiling water, will jump right out to save its life. If, however, you put the amphibian in cold water and heat it up, it will stay in the water and not jump out.

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Dave Watson
12 June 2019

GDPR templates and toolkits: Revealing our solution for accountants

Customers gave us a loud and clear message about their biggest concerns about the new data protection regime coming in when we held our GDPR Conferences in April.

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James Nadal
7 September 2018

A client calls, demanding their data. Are you ready?

A client demands their data. You need to respond. Are you ready? This is the position accountants must expect to face in the new GDPR world.

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5 great reasons to convince clients to use OpenSpace

Are you one of the thousands of accountants who have turned to IRIS OpenSpace to help you comply with GDPR? Do you have a client who is reluctant to switch away from emails, despite your recommendation?

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Michael Turner
28 June 2018
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