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How Does IRIS Help A 125-client Payroll Bureau Operate?

BLOG | We spoke with the Managing Director of 1 Less Worry Payroll to gain an insight into how IRIS helps his businesses manage payroll for their clients.

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How Does Payroll Outsourcing Help Penny Lane GP Surgery?

BLOG | This client case study comes from Penny Lane GP Surgery, in Liverpool. We spoke with them to find out how payroll outsourcing works for the practice.

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GP Case Study: a glowing recommendation for IRIS auto enrolment software from Balance Street Practice

IRIS recently undertook another one of our regular case studies, this time with Helen Sargeant, Business Manager over at Balance Street Surgery in Uttoxeter.

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Christopher Eden
19 January 2016

Tingdene Homes save at least 2 days per week with the IRIS AE Suite™

Simon Iliffe, HR Manager of Tingdene Homes explains how the IRIS AE Suite™ allows at least a two day saving per week.

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amipak save 3 days per week using the IRIS AE Suite™ with Earnie Business

IRIS undertook a case study with amipak and their experience with using the IRIS AE Suite™ within Earnie Business.

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Lee Noble
17 September 2015

Rylands Nursing Home - “Manual auto enrolment is too labour intensive”

IRIS undertook a case study with Rylands Nursing home and their experience with using the IRIS AE Suite™ and The People's Pension.

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Belmont Group Car Dealership Payroll Case Study

Emma Paton, Group Personnel Manager of Belmont Group is responsible for the payroll and has been for the last 5 years.

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Microlise Fleet Operations Case Study

Gill Kirk, Payroll Manager of Microlise has been working in the payroll department of Microlise for 16 years with a wealth of experience from previous employment.

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Lee Noble
10 July 2015

Should workers be allowed to access their pension scheme aged 55?

MPs now warn that allowing workers to access their pensions 10 years before state pension age could be a recipe for disaster.

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Lee Noble
11 March 2015

Massey Wilcox Transport: “Don’t panic when it comes to auto enrolment” - Case Study

Anita Billing, Accounts Assistant of Massey Wilcox Transport has worked in payroll for almost 20 years and has used IRIS for 14 years. Download the free case study to find out how Massey Wilcox Transport deal with auto enrolment.

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Lee Noble
5 March 2015
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