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Choosing NEST for auto enrolment? What you need to know about IRIS and NEST Web Services

If you’re thinking of using NEST, the Government-backed pension provider for the workplace pension reforms, do you know about the NEST Web Services facility?

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Christopher Eden
11 April 2016

Have you factored in Pension Charges to your auto enrolment setup costs?

The People's Pension have recently announced that from 23rd November, businesses staging from 1st January onwards will have to pay £500 up front for a pension scheme.

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Lee Noble
11 November 2015

The launch of NEST Web Services within IRIS Software

IRIS Software is now live and ready with NEST Web Services, one click pension integration, further streamlining the payroll and auto enrolment process.

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NEST visit the IRIS Auto Enrolment experts

After the midweek heatwave followed by a downpour on Thursday, NEST came in to visit the IRIS Auto Enrolment experts on Friday 3rd July with the Sun making another appearance.

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Lee Noble
6 July 2015

Do you have less than 30 employees?

From 1st June, waves of firms with under 30 employees will start to be phased in to the Government’s automatic enrolment scheme. The Pension Regulator state approximately 14,000 small and micro businesses will be reaching their staging date this month, with tens of thousands more due to stage over the next 2 years.

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NEST Auto Enrolment Jargon Glossary

From AEI to WWQE, NEST have an online jargon-busting glossary to help you through all of the conundrums and acronyms regarding auto enrolment and pensions.

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Lee Noble
1 June 2015

What tasks should you be completing if your staging date is in 2015?

As 2014 comes to a close, you should have a clear picture of how your processes are going to change to accommodate assessing employees, communicating to them and how opt in and opt out requests will be handled. That’s one of the reasons The Pensions Regulator (TPR) recommends beginning your preparations at least 12 months in advance.


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How can IFAs increase auto enrolment profitability?

There is no doubt that your clients will either have staged already or be fast approaching their staging dates which means that their payroll workload will be on the increase. But what does this really mean for you as a financial professional and the opportunities this can create for you?

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Lee Noble
11 December 2014

How much time could you save with the IRIS AE Suite™?

There is no getting away from the fact that preparing your business for auto enrolment will be time consuming and making sure you allow enough time for carrying out the specific tasks that need to be in place will be essential.

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4 key auto enrolment responsibilities

Your clients will have a number of auto enrolment responsibilities they need to meet and are likely to seek advice and help from accountants on some or all of these matters.  By making sure you are prepared and have the information at your fingertips you can ensure you are a trusted auto enrolment advisor for both existing and new clients.

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