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Improving staff retention in hospitality

Staff retention is one of the biggest issues facing employers in the hospitality sector. With the shape of the workforce under threat of change from Brexit and other factors, these retention issues need addressing by industry heads. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the key reasons staff are leaving their roles in hospitality and what can be done to stem the flow.

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Andrew Woodhouse
27 September 2018

Auto Enrolment update: SMEs fined while employee pension opt-ins exceed expectations

When Auto Enrolment first started in 2012, the Department for Work and Pensions predicted that opt-out rates would reach up to 28% as contribution levels increased. In fact, opt-out rates are only currently at 9%; with millions of low-income households reshaping their budgets to ensure they’re contributing towards their pensions.

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Andrew Woodhouse
13 September 2018

Addressing staff retention in the hospitality sector

The hospitality sector faces one of the highest staff attrition rates in the UK, but time-strapped HR professionals find themselves struggling to improve staff retention. In this blog, we look at what can be done and how IRIS solutions are designed to help.

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Andrew Woodhouse
4 September 2018
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