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Andrew J Silvey


IRIS OpenResourcing ensures cost-effective delivery of iXBRL tagging support to clients

Andrew Silvey has used IRIS OpenResourcing, the outsourcing service from IRIS, on behalf of his corporate clients since the early days of iXBRL. Describing a typical client need, he says, “It’s often the case that a client will use their IRIS software internally to fulfil iXBRL requirements for their established business. They may successfully handle up to 90% of their iXBRL workload in this way. However, if they acquire a new group of companies, it can take up to a year to bring these into the fold. Outsourcing to IRIS enables me to offer a responsive iXBRL service to help them through this transition.”

Lawrence & Co is active
in building its client
base and has recently
drawn on IRIS for
website creation and
maintenance services.
Partner Jay Chatwani explains
why, with so many web service
providers targeting the accountancy
market, Lawrence & Co picked IRIS
“After ten years, our website was
looking rather tired and we decided
to embark on a radical refresh. Web
technology had moved on and so had
our business. We were brimming with
ideas, but when we discussed them
with our website provider, they said
‘No’. What we wanted was apparently
too technically challenging for them.
It was a similar story with other
potential providers. However, when we
contacted IRIS, we received a positive
response; their can-do attitude was a
great start to the relationship!”


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