NEW UK GAAP Impact Calculator Tool

For periods beginning on or after 1st January 2015 the rules governing financial reporting for small and medium entities has changed. Your December 2015 year ends have now passed and if you haven’t already, you will soon come to prepare your first set of FRS 101 and 102 accounts.
The transitional first year could see your accounts preparation taking significantly longer. No software will be able to fully automate this transition for you, are you prepared?

At IRIS we were the first to implement FRS 101 and 102 and we are here to help you through the transition.  Our IRIS 'New UK GAAP Transition Impact Calculator' will give you a guide as to the additional time you need to allow for the transition of your clients to the new UK GAAP FRS 101 – 105, so you can plan accordingly. Based on a number of adjustable assumptions we will calculate the predicted time to convert your clients once you have all the necessary information from them.

A tool for all:

For IRIS customers the tool will scan your IRIS database to calculate the total client numbers, the volume that will require conversion and will warn of the clients that may be most complex to transition. If you do not use IRIS you can still use the tool by simply manually entering your client numbers.

IRIS is committed to providing you with everything you need to ensure you are compliant. We will provide insight, tools and training to keep you ahead. 

Simply download and run the tool to immediately see the impact that new UK GAAP will have on your practice

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