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IRIS HR - September Release Update


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This video contains more information on the highly anticipated IRIS HR September release which is live from September 21st 2016

Updates include:

• DOB and Marital Status Fields: The update will enable clients to make these fields visible to known individuals while hiding these fields from others. If you would like this to be activated in your account please raise a support ticket with instructions as to the specific individuals in your organisation who you would like to have visibility of these fields.

• Bradford Factor: Clients will be able to hide the Bradford Factor from their employee's absence records. Even if you hide the Bradford Factor the system will continue to calculate this and you will continue to be able to report on it. To hide the Bradford Factor from your employees please raise a support ticket.

• Improved Employee Directory Search: The search field in the employee directory currently searches for employees by surname only. This will be updated to search for employee's Known As field as well as their employee number.

• Unsaved Changes Warning: When updating records in an employee's personal, contract or payroll tabs, if you've made some changes and attempt to navigate to a different tab without saving these changes, the system will generate a warning message prompting you to save them before continuing.

• Where Clause Builder: This has been rolled out to the Employee Selector and Set Rights areas in the system.

• Read and Accept Report: This has been improved to report on employees who have read, accepted or queried a read and accept communication, regardless of whether they still meet the where clause that the read and accept document was distributed with.


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