Voice of the Accountant

Voice of the Accountant

Voice of the Accountant is our look at the accountancy industry and the external factors that affect how you run your practices.  We spoke to nearly 300 UK accountants to uncover the top issues facing practices today and substantiate the climactic flip transforming the industry.  Our Voice of the Accountant research shows how practices are beginning to future-proof themselves as the industry progresses on its digital journey. Download the full whitepaper, summary research results, or read our Voice of the Accountant report Part 1: The Generation Game.



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About the whitepaper

We’ve carried out research aimed at exploring the trends and issues facing the industry today and asked what this means for the accountancy profession. In this report we look at how it can prepare itself for the changes set to take hold within the industry over the next few years.

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Summary research results

A myriad of factors – including the introduction of new legislation, the growth of software-driven services and changing customer demands – have come together to form a perfect storm of change for accountants and their practices. Download the results and uncover the top issues practices face today. 

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Voice of the Accountant report Part 1: The Generation Game

The industry is changing rapidly, and the move to digital tax and record keeping has moved up the agenda of many practices.  However as with any major transformation, there are always people that shy away from embracing change.  In the case of the accountancy industry, there is an old guard which wants to maintain a more traditional approach, and a group of younger, more tech savvy practitioners that are keen to embrace the benefits digital technology brings.

In this report, we look at what each generation thinks of digital tax, where it sees opportunities and pitfalls, and what affect these differences may have on the technology’s successful implementation.

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