October 2017

Are your clients getting the message?


Thursday 19th October at 1pm

Customer communication is the cornerstone of success for every business.  For accountancy practices, the ability to communicate with clients regularly, consistently and with the desired outcome at minimal effort is imperative. This is never more pertinent than in the run up to the busy taxation season.

However many practices are still caught-up in time consuming manual processes when it comes to sending timely reminders, and sharing relevant updates with their clients.

Come and join Ian Morgan, Senior Specialist on 19 October at 1:00pm and we will describe how easy it is to create personalised emails or SMS messages at a press of the button.

The days of keeping manual client lists across multiple spreadsheets across your organisation are over. With IRIS integrated and automated CRM solutions, your firm can benefit from a world class marketing platform that brings your clients closer to you, makes them more responsive to you,  and gives your practice a truly polished look.       

Tax season will soon be upon us.
It’s a time consuming process. You chase clients for their records to be able to prepare their tax return. You chase clients for clarification and then their approval. And finally you can submit your clients tax return to the HMRC. Phew!
At IRIS we’re keen to simplify things for our customers.
Join our Live webinar on 11 October at 1pm and in just 20 minutes, we'll help you rediscover your work/life balance during this hectic season..

Your webinar will last for: 45 minutes.

19 Oct 2017
13:00 - 13:45
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