September 2017

Are you spending too much time on tax compliance work?


Thursday 21 September at 11:00am

"Over the next decade, the accountancy profession is expected to undergo enormous changes. More than 100,000 Baby Boomer certified public accountants are expected to leave the profession, taking their invaluable skills and experience with them. At the same time, the industry is expected to undergo significant change and be transformed by digital technology.
The accountancy sector is already starting to see the benefits of greater digitisation, and the introduction of digital tax and bookkeeping fits neatly into these technological trends.
Do you have doubts about the benefits of moving your clients to online bookkeeping?
Join our Live webinar on the 17 August to see:
- 5 compelling reasons why your clients should be moved over to digital record-keeping
- How to start your digital transformation with our solution – KashFlow for Accountants.

If tax compliance work takes up all of your time and you want to free up more of your day to provide other services to your clients, or you've just set-up your practice and are looking for the right solution, join our Live webinar on Thursday 21 September at 11am and discover how IRIS can help you reduce data entry, provide complete practice visibility and ultimate control over your practice.

Hear from our customer Mark Stewart in a Live Q&A about his experience with IRIS.

Duration: 30 minutes

21 Sep 2017
11:00 - 11:30
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