April 2018

Choose IRIS eFiling through Accounts Production and save time and money


Wednesday 25 April at 11am


Hiring can be a huge burden on any business, whether you’re part of a large firm struggling for space or a one man practice struggling for capacity.
If your practice is based in a city centre, hiring can be costly. If your practice is more remote based then recruiting skilled staff can feel like an impossibility.
IRIS Open Resourcing can free up your time and your people so your practice can concentrate on growth. Let IRIS take away the laborious tasks around Accounts Production, Taxation, iXBRL tagging, Bookkeeping, VAT and managed Payroll.
Please join our Live webinar on 8 February at 2pm, where our resourcing specialist Ketan Mistry will share examples of how IRIS is helping accountants overcome staffing challenges and demonstrate how Open Resourcing allows practices to focus resources on higher fee-earning work and client service and satisfaction. 



Over 4 million UK companies and LLPs prepare and file financial statements for submission to Companies House every year. That’s a lot of paper and postage costs to pay for, so why not consider filing these documents electronically.


For IRIS customers, it’s easy. IRIS already integrates with Companies House, so why should you consider switching to e-filing through IRIS Accounts Production?

• Files are submitted securely, quickly and with minimum fuss, eliminating the need for covering letters which accompany printed accounts.

• Seamless and operated entirely from within IRIS Accounts Production. 

• Drive efficiencies and productivity across your practice.

• Save on costly paper, ink, envelopes and postage.


We welcome you to join our joint Live webinar with IRIS and Companies House on e-filing, taking place on 25 April at 11am. Hear from IRIS’s product specialist Alex John who will co-host the webinar alongside Ryan Gordon and Neil Butler of Companies House.


Duration: 30 minutes

25 Apr 2018
11:00 - 11:30
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