July 2018

Are you offering a Client Payroll Service?


Tuesday 24 July at 1pm


With the new GDPR legislation now law, it’s your responsibility to make sure that your practice's data and processes are compliant.
Here's how we can help.
IRIS has two complementary software solutions to make sure your documentation is securely shared, to comply with the new regulation.
IRIS OpenSpace allows you to upload, store and get approval of important documents, whether you are in the office or on the go. This cloud-based solution allows you to easily and securely transfer information between staff and clients.
It provides the same level of encryption and authentication as the banking industry, making it easy to ensure complete data compliance.
This is supported by IRIS Docs, which provides your practice with a server-based solution back in the office. It’s a simple, centralised way of keeping control of your documents and links seamlessly to the OpenSpace environment.
Join our Live webinar on 26 June at 11am and discover how IRIS OpenSpace and IRIS Docs can not only help save time, help you to be more efficient and simplify client communications, while ensuring compliance to new regulations.

Running payroll is an important value added service that thousands of accountants across the UK already provide for their clients.


IRIS is one of the UK's leading providers of payroll software to accountants, so we know the importance of ensuring that payroll is completely streamlined into your existing processes. 


Our payroll professional services provide you with a complete modular approach to achieving efficiency and productivity, that is tailor-made for your practice and will enable you to: 

• Embrace the opportunity of automatic enrolment 

• Move payslips over to a secure, web-based solution 

• Manage documents easily using a web-based portal  

• Collect your client’s payroll data online 

• Get help and support when you need it 


To find out more about the payroll services we offer, join our product specialist on Tuesday 24 July at 1pm for a free Live webinar. 

Duration: 30 minutes

24 Jul 2018
13:00 - 13:30
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