March 2018

Struggle tagging your niche clients?


Thursday 8 March at 1pm


Hiring can be a huge burden on any business, whether you’re part of a large firm struggling for space or a one man practice struggling for capacity.
If your practice is based in a city centre, hiring can be costly. If your practice is more remote based then recruiting skilled staff can feel like an impossibility.
IRIS Open Resourcing can free up your time and your people so your practice can concentrate on growth. Let IRIS take away the laborious tasks around Accounts Production, Taxation, iXBRL tagging, Bookkeeping, VAT and managed Payroll.
Please join our Live webinar on 8 February at 2pm, where our resourcing specialist Ketan Mistry will share examples of how IRIS is helping accountants overcome staffing challenges and demonstrate how Open Resourcing allows practices to focus resources on higher fee-earning work and client service and satisfaction. 

Are your customised accounts a pain to tag?


Outsourcing your iXBRL tagging takes away the often complicated task of tagging some of your more selective customised accounts. Let IRIS process the files quickly and ensure they pass through HMRC gateways seamlessly without error.


No job is too big (or small) for us and your iXBRL-compliant accounts are returned to you, along with a comprehensive tag report. We employ expert team members in the field of taxonomy.


Alternatively if you want to retain control of your Accounts and tag them yourself, perhaps OpeniXBRL is the solution for you. 


So no more worrying about the down-time in productivity often experienced working with customised accounts – our cloud-based technology means there’s no software to install and you’re always up to date with the latest version. 


Join our short 15-minute webinar on 8 March 2018 at 1pm where our product expert Ketan Mistry will run you through our outsourced iXBRL solution as well as IRIS OpeniXBRL and how we can help take away some of the frustrations with those customised accounts outside of Accounts Production.


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8 Mar 2018
13:00 - 13:30
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