Welcome to IRIS Circle, a place to share your experiences and showcase your skill with the wider IRIS community.  

We love talking about our products, services and solutions; however, sometimes we prefer to let our customers do the speaking for us. As the people using our software every day, we want to give you the opportunity to share your expertise and take part in the development of our solutions, in which ever form suits you best. 

Being a part of IRIS Circle is about more than flying the flag for IRIS. Be a part of the evolution of our portfolio, showcase your brand and demonstrate what makes your organisation great by joining one of our initiatives. 

  • Testimonial

    Short and sweet! What do you love about your IRIS solution and how do we help you to succeed, every day? Tell us in just a few words.

  • Case Study

    Go a little more in depth; share the challenges you’ve overcome with the help of IRIS, how we’ve supported you to improve efficiencies, stay connected and get things right, first time, every time.

  • Pilot groups

    Are you an early adopter? Get your hands on new solutions before anyone else, share feedback and make recommendations to sculpt the shape of our portfolio.

  • Feature on our site and social media

    Let’s be social; we’ve got a great following online and love engaging with our customers on all things IRIS. Our website is a hub of blogs, guides and news; work with us to showcase your brand.

  • Work with our PR company

    We’re passionate about sharing our expertise in the mission-critical software sphere and regularly work with the press; seize the opportunity to work with us and benefit from brand visibility, too.

  • Speak on our webinars

    Tackle a topic currently challenging your industry or discuss your experiences with IRIS in one of our webinars.

  • Attend our events

    We’re still delivering virtual events and we’d love to see you there, whether as a guest or as a speaker.

  • Refer a friend section

    Know a friend, colleague or stakeholder who would benefit from joining IRIS Circle or becoming an IRIS customer? Let us know so we can get in touch.