IRIS Practice Advisory


IRIS Practice Advisory

The accounting landscape is shifting fast, with technology at the core, and accountancy firms risk falling behind if they fail to embrace it. Our one-day discovery session will help you to understand how to successfully navigate through this period of relentless change to build your future-proof digital accounting practice.

We’ll show you how new tech is driving the automation of compliance and cutting costs – and how you can take advantage of that. We’ll help you to develop a strategy fit for the changing environment, influenced, not least, by the looming MTD deadline.

We’ll explore new entrants’ developing strategies around cost leadership and uniquely differentiated offerings that have been designed to meet the shifting expectations of clients.
Becoming a digital firm
To ensure this powerful and insightful discovery day is made available to as many firms as want it, we have three ways you can take up this exciting new offering from IRIS.

Regional Workshop In-House Workshop Practice Consultancy
We will be running a series of regional workshops where numbers will be limited to ensure that there is scope to allow attendees to think and question how they can take away the content to make a difference in their own firms. At the same time the format will provide a unique opportunity to network and share experience with your peers. If you have several staff that you wish to engage in the process, why not arrange for us to bring the workshop to you? Benefit from an exclusive session focused on your firm. The advantage of this approach is that the workshop can be used to address the specific challenges you are facing in your own firm. We can continue to support your firm in several ways. This may be through ongoing coaching or additional consultancy days that can either follow the format of our digital firm sessions or bespoke consultancy support..
Unique first-hand experience
IRIS has teamed up with Will Farnell, the founder of Farnell Clarke a multi-award winning digital practice that has been embracing technology since 2008. Together, we give you a unique understanding of the UK accountancy market coupled with first-hand experience of building and scaling a digital firm.
The speakers

Steve Cox Chief Evangelist, IRIS

Will Farnell, Founder Farnell Clarke
In Steve’s current role as chief evangelist, he’s looked across the globe at how technology and legislation is changing the role and requirements of the accountant. He’s also looking to the future to predict how the accountant’s role will further evolve. Will uses the experiences acquired over the last 10 years as a tech-driven practice to support other firms in moving to a digital-based strategy. He’s regarded as a thought leader on tech and the changing accounting landscape. Will is a regular speaker and advocate for some of the leading UK and global accounting tech brands.
Get involved and take your first 10 steps to a digital firm
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