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IRIS has ready-to-go solutions for producing accurate submissions, minimising the call on your time but without cutting any corners

Streamline your accounts process whilst ensuring compliance with statutory and legislative requirements.

The IRIS difference

Seamless integration
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Increase productivity and save time with our true-integration of products built around a centralised database. This means no re-keying of data, reducing errors and ensuring that your information is more accurate.

Complete solution
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Remove time wasting complexities of moving and rekeying data from one product to another with our integrated end-to-end solutions.

Save time through efficiency
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With 34 years’ experience, our products have been designed with you in mind for simple navigation, comprehensive features and integrated data. All this means that our users save an average of 22 hours per person, per month by using IRIS.


Overview – key features

  • Save time and automate the task of preparing final and statutory accounts
  • Includes FRS 101, 102 incl. Section 1A and 105 standards
  • Fully iXBRL compliant

Overview – key features

If you are looking to outsource your iXBRL tagging or other administrative services, IRIS OpenResourcing could be the answer
st-effective, reliable and quality controlled serviceIRIS OpenResourcing
  • Leading provider of risk-free, cost-effective outsourced services for iXBRL compliance
  • Increases productivity, without increasing headcount, and frees your team for higher-value work

Overview – key features

  • Produce iXBRL compliant accounts from Microsoft Word & Excel documents
  • No software to install, run or maintain
  • Takes half the time of manual ‘drag and drop’ systems
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