iXBRL your way.
A range of iXBRL-compliant solutions for UK finance departments.

Bring your accounts preparation and iXBRL in-house with IRIS Accounts Production
Create your own in-house tagging facility with IRIS OpeniXBRL
Outsourced, expert iXBRL tagging service with IRIS OpenResourcing
  Increase your accounts control and visibility while easily managing subsidiary companies and quickly producing group or management accounts using the unique IRIS integration included in IRIS Accounts Production. You can import a trial balance from any Sage, SAP, Oracle or ERP system.   IRIS OpeniXBRL produces iXBRL-compliant accounts from your Microsoft Word and Excel documents. It’s cloud-based so there is no software no install or maintain and it’s so easy to use that no specific knowledge of iXBRL is required.   If you would prefer a more hands-off and leave it to the experts type of service, IRIS OpenResourcing can help. Simply upload your Microsoft Word or Excel or PDF accounts via the secure online portal and our specialist team will do the rest. Your iXBRL-compliant accounts are returned to you, along with a comprehensive tag report.



IRIS supports many UK businesses, including FTSE250 companies, 
with their successful iXBRL compliance.

Working with IRIS for your iXBRL compliance allows you to maintain, or increase your control 
and visibility of your accounts preparation.
Many of our customers also report a significant reduction in their iXBRL compliance costs.
All of our solutions are fully compliant with FRS 102 and full-tagging for HRMC.

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See how to IRIS Accounts Production automatically adds the 
iXBRL tags for you to review and amend - watch the video:

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What our customers say

Benjamin Levy

Senior Manager, Mazars LLP

"IRIS OpeniXBRL proved to the ideal solution giving us an intuitive way of dealing with our compliance with the HMRC mandate."

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