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IRIS Auditor


An optional add-on to your IRIS Accounts Production solution - IRIS Auditor leads you through the stages of planning, checking and finalising the audit of a limited company or LLP. It ensures you have performed the audit to the required standards, helping to ease the compliance burden.

Key features:

  • Tailor the volume and scope of reports for each client

  • Keeps you up to date with legislation and current practices with regular updates

  • Produces a complete set of accounts preparation papers where the company falls below the audit threshold

  • Flexibility to include/omit certain sections of the audit work, as appropriate, to carry out a full or ‘mini audit’

  • Integrated with other IRIS Accountancy Suite software for further efficiency savings

You have the flexibility to omit certain sections of the audit work, where these are considered irrelevant or when only a ‘mini audit’ is needed. Otherwise, a full audit programme is provided for the client.

Key benefits:

Seamless integration

Increase productivity and save time with our true-integration of products built around a centralised database. This means no re-keying of data, reducing errors and ensuring that your information is more accurate.

Save time through efficiency

With 34 years’ experience, our products have been designed with you in mind for simple navigation, comprehensive features and integrated data. All this means that our users save an average of 22 hours per person, per month by using IRIS.

Complete solution

Remove time wasting complexities of moving and rekeying data from one product to another with our integrated end-to-end solutions.

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