IRIS Practice Advisory

Regional Workshops - Discovery Session

Discover how to become a fully digital firm through our regional workshops. Learn how the 10 key components connect and how they enable you to increase revenue, profitability and client satisfaction.  Take away several ideas and strategies to begin to tackle the transition, no matter where you are starting from.

Learn how to become a fully digital firm

The accounting landscape is changing fast, technology is driving automation of compliance which in turn is driving down cost. New entrants are developing strategies around cost leadership or a uniquely differentiated offering targeted to meet the shifting expectations of clients. All this and we have not even mentioned MTD! Firms have two options, bury their head in the sand or develop a strategy to meet the changing environment head on.

Our regional workshop discovery session will help you understand where you are now, where you want your firm to go and the options to help you get there. We will share first-hand experience of what a digital, future-proof firm looks like and start to discuss the elements of successful digital firm from vision and mission, values to tech, people, customer experience, defining your point of difference and how to market this and grow both your revenue and profitability.

This limited series of regional exclusive workshops with a focus on insight, interaction and networking where delegates can take away the content to make a difference in their own firms.  In this workshop our advisors will cover the ten elements needed for a successful digital practice:

  • Firm Strategy  
  • Technology
  • Services  
  • Process Review and Design  
  • Pricing  
  • Customer Experience  
  • Marketing your firm  
  • Business Development  
  • People and Workplace Culture 
  • Data Strategy 
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