Practice management

IRIS Staff Planning


IRIS Staff Planning comes FREE with IRIS Practice Management to further extend the workflow, organisation and tracking features.

IRIS Staff Planning helps you to maximise the value of staff time by optimising and accounting for every minute. Easy to use, it gives instant visibility of all staff schedules and a complete view of the entire practice workload.

Set up is simple with all staff, clients and services you provide to those clients being populated from the IRIS database.

Each user has access to their jobs, bookings, holidays and non-chargeable time via the Practice Planner, their bookings screen or reports.

IRIS Staff Planning helps your practice become more efficient and reduce downtime with greater visibility of your workload from reports that include graphical views of the planned jobs for each partner and manager.


Key features:

  • Free with IRIS Practice Management

  • Improve efficiency

    • Quickly identify the right staff member for the job

    • Updates directly into the individual’s bookings screen and practice planner

  • Improve practice intelligence and reporting

    • Builds practice intelligence on how long jobs take to complete to improve future planning

    • Includes reports and graphical views to help analyse workloads and increase efficiency

  • Budgets can be set against a job and time allocated can be monitored and rolled forward to repeat the work next quarter or next year

Key benefits:

Seamless integration

Increase productivity and save time with our true-integration of products built around a centralised database. This means no re-keying of data, reducing errors and ensuring that your information is more accurate.

Save time through efficiency

With 34 years’ experience, our products have been designed with you in mind for simple navigation, comprehensive features and integrated data. All this means that our users save an average of 22 hours per person, per month by using IRIS.

Connect with clients

Work closer and more intuitively with your clients through unique integration across our cloud and desktop solutions that enable superior client collaboration and gives added value to all your client relationships.

Complete solution

Remove time wasting complexities of moving and rekeying data from one product to another with our integrated end-to-end solutions.

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