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IRIS Dividend Service


Obtaining your clients dividend data can be a time consuming and laborious process. Our research shows that for an average sized practice the time spent on manually entering details from dividend vouchers, requesting missing vouchers from clients or searching reference material for the dividends paid by companies, is more than 37 hours per year.

The IRIS Dividend Service provides practitioners with details of dividends paid by UK listed companies, UK unit trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies. This information is stored in the central database and is integrated to IRIS Personal Tax and IRIS Trust Tax returns, so when completing tax returns you can enjoy significant time savings.


Key features:

  • Investment companies information provided by Interactive Data; a leading provider of financial information and analytical software to global markets

  • Covers all equities listed on the London Stock Exchange, all UK unit trusts and Open Ended Investment Companies

  • Provides data to handle client equity and unit trust dividends

  • Dividend payment information for tax years back to the 2002/03 tax year

  • Continually updated data available - download the information as required

  • Save time with the transfer of data onto the tax return in IRIS Personal Tax & IRIS Trust Tax

  • Automatically value dividends in three ways:

    • A selected client - all shareholdings

    • All clients - selected shareholding only

    • All clients - all shareholdings

Key benefits:

Seamless Integration

Increase productivity and save time with our true-integration of products built around a centralised database. This means no re-keying of data, reducing errors and ensuring that your information is more accurate.

Save Time through Efficiency

With 34 years’ experience, our products have been designed with you in mind for simple navigation, comprehensive features and integrated data. All this means that our users save an average of 22 hours per person, per month by using IRIS.

Complete solution

Remove time wasting complexities of moving and rekeying data from one product to another with our integrated end-to-end solutions.

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