Accountant Go

Accountant Go

A smartphone app for you and your clients to boost customer experience and radically improve how you engage and connect.

  • Quickly and easily send messages to specific parts of your client base via powerful communications hub 
  • Use your own branding and customise the homepage, including ability to integrate third party apps such as Sage and Xero  
  • Give clients access to many services and key personal information in one place 
  • Send forms and documents rapidly and securely 
  • Self-service portal answers clients’ basic queries, saving you time responding to calls 


The Challenge

Almost every service you can think of is being delivered straight to people’s fingertips via their mobile phones and clients now expect primary access to their accountant in the same way. They want to be able to get in touch and access their information anywhere at any time. The old ways of communicating are no longer sufficient if you want your business to prosper and grow. You need a way to communicate efficiently and effectively. 


The Solution

Accountant Go is a smartphone app for you and your clients that will transform how you engage and connect with them. It gives clients access to you and their account details in the way they expect now – straight to their mobiles. 

Its powerful messaging hub makes it easier and more efficient for you to relay key announcements and updates. You only need access to a web browser to manage all of your messages from one place. Unlike rival apps, you can select specific segments of your client base to contact. The app also enables you to send forms and documents quickly and securely.  

Benefits of Accountant Go

Accountant Go provides accountants in practice with easy and flexible access to their clients via their mobile phones. The app enables you to provide a wide range of services and relevant client information, including data from IRIS practice suite, all in one place. By providing timely and on-demand information to your clients, you can reduce the amount of staff time spent on responding to repetitive, basic information requests, while at the same time improving service. 



Accountant Go’s app messaging allows you to send push notifications to clients with reminders of key events like a tax deadline. The app messaging can form the cornerstone of marketing campaigns and promote more services to clients. You can create bespoke forms and surveys to easily collect client data such as responses, feedback, demographic data, with templates for automated marketing messages, alerts, promotions, and service updates. 



The app can personalised, changing the appearance, so your logo is displayed improving your brand relevance to your clients​. Choose which other apps, websites, documents and services you want to display on the homepage and change these at any time. 


Accountant Go connects to a range of apps such as IRIS Snap for Receipt Capture, IRIS OpenSpace for document sharing and approval, KashFlow Go for mobile invoicing and payments, and IRIS Insight for forecasting and management reporting. It integrates with third party apps too. 


IRIS OpenSpace helps you work closer and more intuitively with your clients. 
You can upload, store and approve documents online. It's in 'The Cloud' so it's always accessible from any location, 
and it's fully integrated into the IRIS Accountancy Suite making it quick and easy to use.
You can store as much as you like, for as long as you like. 
If you are a UK based accountancy business we will even give you 1GB of free storage to get you started.
Additional space can easily be purchased from as little as £5 per GB per month or get a 15% discount 
for an annual subscription to 10GB by clicking the web store link above.

Accountant Go provides instant solutions for:

  • Clients demanding primary access through their mobile phone at anytime, anywhere ​ 
  • Accountants who want to communicate with clients via mobile with app notifications, SMS and email all from one hub 
  • Accountants looking to differentiate and modernise, so they can attract and retain clients  
  • Accountants needing to increase productivity through lost time with unresponsive clients and clients who request basic information​ 
  • Practices looking to improve customer experience​ 
  • Firms looking for a ready built client app that carries their own branding and that can be fully customised 
  • Accountants looking for integration 
  • Controlling all social media channels such as Twitter and YouTube in one place 
  • ​Providing financial dates, tax tables, budget pack and news ​ 
  • Gaining easy access to key client information – it’s pulled from your IRIS Suite database such as contact information and UTR number​ 
  • Easily approving documents - powered by IRIS OpenSpace 



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